Hello all. I've setup this Tribe (community) as there are currently far too many places for people to ask questions, request support, post comments, show-off their watches or just chat about the watches. I want one place where we can create a one-stop centre for anyone, and which will help me keep up!

Please note a few things:

1) Yes, the support/help email account is *very* busy at the moment. If you're waiting on a reply, do search for the community for other people asking the same thing. Chances are they will have. If not, do ask the support group as they know most things. It's a great place to start. If that doesn't help, the email account is still there as a slower option for a reply to a question specific to you.

2) Support questions *MUST* be posted to the support-specific group. You can see it in the list of groups. This is the only place that will be monitored for support stuff, others will be removed to keep the main feed clear of loads of repetitive support questions. Anyone can join the support group, so let's keep things tidy.

3) Be nice. This isn't a big company with loads of employees, it's just me. I'm doing my best to keep up, but recent orders have been beyond my expectations (thanks!) and being yelled at doesn't help. I will help everyone, but only if they're being polite.

I hope you find this new Tribe useful.