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Concealed Weapon Detection Systems Market 2022 Development Status, Competition Analysis, Type and Application 2032

The market for devices that detect concealed weapons is expected to grow from US$ 637.8 million in 2022 to US$ 1.17 billion by 2031. The market for hidden weapon detection systems is anticipated to expand at a strong CAGR of 6.9 percent between 2022 and 2031.

Concealed Weapon Detection Systems Market Size (2022)US$ 637.8 MnSales Forecast (2031)US$ 1.17 BnGlobal Market Growth Rate (2022 to 2031)6.9%Share of Top 5 Industry Players47%

There is a critical need for concealed weapon detection systems in the aviation industry, the government sector, and commercial spaces including educational institutions, banks, and shopping centres because anti-social groups pose a threat to public safety. Terahertz body scanners can recognise and precisely locate dangers, such as concealed weapons and contraband, that are concealed in bags or beneath a person’s clothing.

A lucrative market for the sale of concealed weapon detection systems has been created thanks to remarkable advancements made possible by the integration of sensors, imaging technologies, and actuators.

Configurable terahertz body scanning systems have been widely used globally due to the urgent need for security screening with concealed weapon detection at ports and borders amid escalating political unrest.

The rise of cross-border terrorism and an increasing number of terrorist outfits have given every government a reason to invest in the best and the most advanced concealed weapon detection technologies.

Key Takeaways from Global Concealed Weapon Detection Systems Market Study

Transportation infrastructure to remain the leading segment exhibiting a 2.1x growth during the forecast period
North America to hold a lion’s share of 41.8% in global concealed weapon detection systems market
Terahertz body scanners to remain bullish as technological advancements remain unparalleled
Increased product selling prices, amongst established players, to be seen as markets try to recover from COVID-19 pandemic
Integration of High Efficiency Sensing Solutions to Boost Adoption

The urgent need for contemporary, cutting-edge concealed weapon detectors has been brought on by growing terrorist threats that target public places for mass attacks. Without any physical contact between security personnel and the person being screened, security screening in conjunction with solutions for concealed weapons detection are used to find covert threats and illegal items.

High efficiency sensing technologies are required for effective security screening and weapon detection at high public throughput locations like courthouses, airports, museums, and prisons. Companies are being driven to develop and incorporate high speed sensors into security screening solutions by the demand for effective concealed weapon detection.

It is possible to combat illegal activities and terrorism at airports, train stations, metro stations, national borders, and other locations by integrating autonomous and covert sensing resources. During the forecast period, high-quality, autonomous sensing equipment integration is anticipated to significantly contribute to the growth of the global market for concealed weapon detection systems.

Competition Landscape of Concealed Weapon Detection Market

By deploying concealed weapon detection systems for new end users operating in market sectors that the company does not typically serve, concealed weapon detection system market participants hope to expand their sources of income.

For instance, Smiths Detection Group Ltd. deployed specialised X-ray systems with integrated auto-detection software in August 2019 that automatically detects contraband such as explosives and weapons. At Singapore’s HarbourFront Station, the solution was used for a mock emergency preparedness exercise mandated by the Land Transport Authority and involving rail operators.

By acquiring and combining with other significant players in the global security screening technology market, key market players are concentrating on gaining technological expertise and improving their attractiveness in the concealed weapon detection market. Additionally, by using this strategy, the business is able to reduce competition on both a regional and international scale.

Concealed Weapon Detection Systems Industry Survey

Concealed Weapon Detection Systems Market by Product:

Millimeter Wave Body Scanners
Active Millimeter Wave Body Scanners
Passive Millimeter Wave Body Scanners
X-ray Body Scanners
Backscatter X-ray Scanners
Transmission X-ray Scanners
Terahertz Body Scanners
Metal Detectors
Concealed Weapon Detection Systems Market by Type:

Mobile Concealed Weapon Detection Systems
Stationary Concealed Weapon Detection Systems
Concealed Weapon Detection Systems Market by Application:

Transportation Infrastructure
Correctional Facilities
Stadium and Sports Arenas
Military and Defense
Theme Parks/Amusement Parks
Academic Institutions
Corporate Campuses
Concealed Weapon Detection Systems Market by Region:

North America Concealed Weapon Detection Systems Market
Latin America Concealed Weapon Detection Systems Market
Europe Concealed Weapon Detection Systems Market
East Asia Concealed Weapon Detection Systems Market
South Asia & Pacific Concealed Weapon Detection Systems Market
Middle East & Africa Concealed Weapon Detection Systems Market
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Mobile Augmented Reality Market 2022 | Scope of Current and Future Industry 2032
The Mobile Augmented Reality Market is expected to witness moderate growth, registering a 23.3% CAGR during the forecast period (2022‚Äď2031) and projected to reach US$ 4.4 Bn in 2022 and US$ 29.3 Bn by 2031.

The relentless expansion of the mobile augmented reality (AR) market is largely attributable to the creative industry. Mobile augmented technologies have undoubtedly been improved by this division of the business, which includes video games, live events, retail, and video entertainment. Because it is designed to create immersive experiences, mobile augmented reality is especially beloved by game developers. The solutions provided by this industry have been fully tapped with the introduction of intricate, meticulously planned multiplayer games.

The unprecedented use of smartphones and tablets is solely responsible for the fast expansion of mobile augmented reality. Mobile augmented reality has significantly altered how people experience museums, offices, and games in both distant and urban settings. Since technological breakthroughs like Google Glass, the field of mobile augmented reality (AR) has developed to be a part of many different industries, revolutionising learning environments, medical consultations, and military training.

Key Takeaways of Mobile Augmented Reality Market Study

East Asia to lead the race in the global mobile augmented reality market at a CAGR of 27.2% between the forecast years of 2020 and 2030
Gaming segment is anticipated to retain its leading position with a share of 28% by the end of 2030
Smartphones and tablets to revolutionize educational experiences with the integration of mobile AR
Services segment to leap ahead at a CAGR of 24.6% during the forecast period as AR design and development, integration and development, and support services find applications across verticals
COVID-19 Proves Positive for Mobile Augmented Reality Market

The COVID-19 pandemic has deepened the chasm of economic crisis, making the global population rethink education and entertainment in many ways. With no live events to attend, cancelled sporting events, and uncertainty looming over reopening of colleges and schools, mobile augmented reality found its opening to a plethora of opportunities.

Due to the fact that both patients and medical professionals prioritise safety, the significance of AR has increased in healthcare consultations as well. A unique demand for mobile AR has also been created by the quantum leap in online gaming, education, and entertainment as more and more artists accept gigs online. The online gaming industry, which has been the strongest supporter of entertainment during the strict lockdowns, consumes the largest portion.

In the given conditions, the mobile augmented reality market will expand by 6%‚Äď8% by Q3 2020, predicts FMI.

E-commerce to Enhance Demand for Mobile Augmented Reality

The increasing adoption of mobile augmented reality has been attributed in large part to the expanding e-commerce sector. Retailers are incorporating mobile augmented reality to make it easier for customers to buy the right item. Through smartphones and tablets, augmented reality enables users to view their products in real-time, 3-D, lifelike projections.

Retailers have the chance to enhance consumer shopping with augmented reality on mobile devices. An online retailer can project a virtual table with a variety of products onto a customer’s living room using an augmented reality app. The demand for mobile augmented reality is rising as more people make purchases on their smartphones and as more people use their smartphones while shopping.

Such enhancement of consumer engagement is projected to bode well of the market in the forecast period.

More Valuable Insights on Mobile Augmented Reality Market

Future Market Insights offers an unbiased analysis of the global mobile augmented reality market, providing historical data for 2015‚Äď2019 and forecast statistics from 2022‚Äď2031.

Mobile Augmented Reality Industry Survey

Mobile Augmented Reality Market by Solution:

Mobile AR Software
Mobile AR Application Platforms
Mobile AR SDKs
Integration & Deployment
AR Design & Development
Support Services
Mobile Augmented Reality Market by Application:

Media & Entertainment
Travel & Tourism
Mobile Augmented Reality Market by Region:

North America Mobile Augmented Reality Market
Latin America Mobile Augmented Reality Market
Europe Mobile Augmented Reality Market
East Asia Mobile Augmented Reality Market
Middle East & Africa Mobile Augmented Reality Market
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Sustainable Packaging Future Growth, Major Players with Report Data 2027 | Emergen Research

The latest market intelligence report offers valuable insights into the prevailing growth opportunities for the global Sustainable Packaging market and its intensely competitive scenario. The insightful data and information in the report have been gathered from a wide range of primary and secondary sources. This market report on Sustainable Packaging provides detailed information about the latest developments, trade regulations, import-export analyses, production analysis, and value chain optimization. It also analyses the impact of localized market players.

The global Sustainable Packaging Market is expected to reach USD 469.49 Billion by 2027, according to a new report by Emergen Research. The growth of this market is due to the growing awareness among consumers regarding environmental issues and strict government rules and regulations regarding the use of toxic packaging materials. Increasing research and development regarding sustainable packaging solutions leads to the technological advancement of the products, which is augmenting the industry's demand.

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Key market aspects studied in the report:

Market Scope: The report explains the scope of various commercial possibilities in the global Sustainable Packaging market over the upcoming years. The estimated revenue build-up over the forecast years has been included in the report. The report analyzes the key market segments and sub-segments and provides deep insights into the market to assist readers with the formulation of lucrative strategies for business expansion.

Competitive Outlook: The leading companies operating in the Sustainable Packaging market have been enumerated in this report. This section of the report lays emphasis on the geographical reach and production facilities of these companies. To get ahead of their rivals, the leading players are focusing more on offering products at competitive prices, according to our analysts.

Report Objective: The primary objective of this report is to provide the manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and buyers engaged in this sector with access to a deeper and improved understanding of the global Sustainable Packaging market.

Competitive Terrain:

The global Sustainable Packaging industry is highly consolidated owing to the presence of renowned companies operating across several international and local segments of the market. These players dominate the industry in terms of their strong geographical reach and a large number of production facilities. The companies are intensely competitive against one another and excel in their individual technological capabilities, as well as product development, innovation, and product pricing strategies.

The leading market contenders listed in the report are:

Amcor Limited, Mondi PLC, Smurfit Kappa Group, Sonoco Products Co., WestRock Company, BASF SE, Tetra Laval International S.A., Ball Corporation, Sealed Air Condition, and Bemis Company

The research study examines historic data from 2018 and 2020 to draw forecasts until 2028. The timeline makes the report an invaluable resource for readers, investors, and stakeholders looking for key insights in readily accessible documents with the information presented in the form of tables, charts, and graphs.

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Market Segmentations of the Sustainable Packaging Market

This market is segmented based on Types, Applications, and Regions. The growth of each segment provides accurate forecasts related to production and sales by Types and Applications, in terms of volume and value for the period between 2020 and 2028. This analysis can help readers looking to expand their business by targeting emerging and niche markets. Market share data is given on both global and regional levels. Regions covered in the report are North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. Research analysts assess the market positions of the leading competitors and provide competitive analysis for each company. For this study, this report segments the global Sustainable Packaging market on the basis of product, application, and region:

Segments Covered in this report are:

Material Outlook (Volume: Kilo Tons) (Revenue, USD Billion; 2017-2027)
Paper & Paperboard
Packaging Type Outlook (Volume: Kilo Tons) (Revenue, USD Billion; 2017-2027)
Reusable Packaging
Recyclable Packaging
Degradable Packaging
End Users Outlook (Volume: Kilo Tons) (Revenue, USD Billion; 2017-2027)
Food & Beverage
Personal Care
Browse Full Report Description + Research Methodology + Table of Content + Infographics@

Regional Outlook of the Sustainable Packaging Market

The global Sustainable Packaging market has been categorized into several important geographical regions, including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. In this section, authors of the report have studied the presence of the global Sustainable Packaging market across major geographies. Moreover, the estimated market share, market size, revenue contribution, sales network and distribution channel, and other crucial elements of each regional segment have been detailed in the report.

Key Points of the Geographical Analysis:

Data and information related to the consumption rate in each region
Estimated increase in the consumption rate
Proposed growth of the market share of each region
Geographical contribution to market revenue
Expected growth rate of the regional markets
For Detailed Table of Content: Click Here

Key reasons to buy the Global Sustainable Packaging Market report:

The latest report comprehensively studies the global Sustainable Packaging market size and provides useful inference on numerous aspects of the market, such as the current business trends, market share, product offerings, and product share.
The report offers an insightful analysis of the regional outlook of the market.
It offers a detailed account of the end-use applications of the products & services offered by this industry.
The report holistically covers the latest developments taking place in this industry. Therefore, it lists the most effective business strategies implemented by the market rivals for ideal business expansion.
Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Research Methodology
Market Overview
Regional Landscape
Global Market Analysis and Forecast by Types
Global Market Analysis and Forecast by Applications
Global Market Analysis and Forecast by Regions
North America Market Analysis and Forecast
Europe Market Analysis and Forecast
Asia Pacific Market Analysis and Forecast
Latin America Market Analysis and Forecast
Middle East & Africa Market Analysis and Forecast
Competitive Landscape
In conclusion, the Sustainable Packaging Market report is an exhaustive database that will help readers formulate lucrative strategies. The Sustainable Packaging Market report studies the latest economic scenario with value, drivers, constraints, growth opportunities, challenges, demand and supply ratio, production capacity, import/export status, growth rate, and others. Additionally, the report also undertakes SWOT Analysis and Porter’s Five Forces Analysis to study the leading companies.

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Latest Published Reports by Emergen Research:

About Emergen Research

Emergen Research is a Market research and consulting company that provides syndicated research reports, customized research reports, and consulting services. Our solutions purely focus on your purpose to locate, target, and analyze consumer behavior shifts across demographics, across industries, and help clients make smarter business decisions. We offer Market intelligence studies ensuring relevant and fact-based research across multiple industries, including Healthcare, Touch Points, Chemicals, Types, and Energy. We consistently update our research offerings to ensure our clients are aware of the latest trends existent in the market. Emergen Research has a strong base of experienced analysts from varied areas of expertise. Our industry experience and ability to develop a concrete solution to any research problems provides our clients with the ability to secure an edge over their respective competitors.

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